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Business Immigration

Business immigration is complicated; we specialize in business Immigration streams and assist our clients to choose the pathway that is most suitable to their goals, characteristics and requirements, and pursue the process from end-to-end. We invite prospective entrepreneurs and investors to have a candid discussion with our team.

The Canadian federal and provincial governments offer many options to fast-track the immigration process to attract entrepreneurs, investors and business class immigrants that have the acumen, skills and ability to contribute to the economic development and the job market. The business class immigration develops new commercial opportunities and contributes to enhancing access to foreign markets. 

The participating Provinces and Territories have their own specific programs with specific criteria and requirements; and nominate individuals for immigration to their province. Once nominated by a province, the individual can apply for permanent residence through the federal immigration program. Usually, these Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) break down into a skilled worker category and a business immigration category.

Depending on amount of funds available to invest, type of business, skills and experience, one might review the options of Federal Business/Investor Immigration, Self-Employed Immigration, Entrepreneur Start-up Visa, Canada Entrepreneur Immigration, Provincial Entrepreneur Programs, Provincial Nomination(s), Quebec Entrepreneur Program, Quebec Investor Program, and Business Visitors.

Please contact us with your information, and we will conduct free assessment for your business immigration.


Immigrate to Canada by starting a business, becoming a partner, or supporting innovative entrepreneurs.

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Self-employed foreign nationals can immigrate to Canada while willing to make a significant contribution in the athletics and cultural mosaic.

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Executives, managers, or experts can work in a parent or subsidiary of a business entity under the provisions of Free Trade Agreements.

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Citizens of these countries have special processes to facilitate business and certain professional visits. For details and services, contact us.

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