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Family Sponsorship

Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents can sponsor spouse, common-law or conjugal partners; dependent or adopted child (under 22 years); parents or grandparents; orphaned relatives (unmarried under 18 years); extended or other relatives of lonely Canadians. Sponsors are responsible for supporting the relatives financially when they arrive for certain period.

We can help in guiding and submitting effective application, and supporting documents whether the sponsor or relative is living in Canada or outside of Canada. Permanent residents residing abroad may not sponsor their family from outside Canada. In addition to many other requirements, certain types of sponsorships require meeting minimum income requirements.

To sponsor parents and grandparents, you must first submit an interest to sponsor and then be invited by the Canadian government to apply for PR. To sponsor your spouse, you should make sure that you meet the minimum requirements of the spousal sponsorship program (inland and outland). It is important to understand that you will be financially responsible (undertaking) for your spouse for three years, and 20 years for your parents and grandparents.

We advise clients to contact us for all sponsorship applications, right from the beginning of the process. Though we also deal with refusals and appeals.

Spouse, Partner or Dependant Children:  Eligible Canadian citizens or permanent residents can sponsor their spouse, common law partners, conjugal partners and dependant children (under 22 years old) to become permanent residents of Canada. Must meet the requirements including at least 18 years old, live/plan to live in Canada, no violent criminal record, must be able to sponsor them financially and must not avail social assistance from the government, and sign an undertaking and sponsorship agreement.

Parents and grandparents, and their dependant children: First submit the interest to sponsor. If invited, then submit a complete application to sponsor for permanent residence within 60 days. Among other requirements, the sponsor must meet certain income levels (proof of income), and sign undertaking to take financial responsibility for 20 years and sign sponsorship agreement.

Other Relatives:  Eligible Canadian citizens and permanent residents are entitled to sponsor their inter-country adopted children and who can enter Canada as permanent resident or Canadian citizen. The process is complicated and a number of documentations are required.

Depending on meeting requirements, other relatives like orphaned sibling, nephew or niece, grandchild, aunt or uncle or any other relative in specific circumstances.

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Eligible Canadian citizens or PR can sponsor their spouse, partners or dependent children to become permanent residents of Canada.

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Meet eligibility requirements to sponsor parent, grandparents and their dependant children.

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Many types of relatives can be sponsored to become permanent residents of Canada, subject to the circumstances and meeting the requirements.

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