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Why should I choose Gurmant Grewal Immigration?

There is no shortage of immigration consultants. Their knowledge, experience, reputation, and track record (or lack of) varies significantly; many may even be unauthorised and unlicensed. In the immigration industry in Canada and abroad, there have been instances of frauds, deceits, non-responsive attitude, and inaccessibility after receipt of payment, and carelessness by the so-called professionals. Abundant advertisement does not mean that you will get what is told or promised. Henceforth, it is challenging to choose a trustworthy, efficient, ethical and effective consultant. On the other hand for a consultant to build a brand name, and goodwill is a result of helping their clients for years of hard work, in-depth knowledge and experience, and an attitude with dedication and discipline.  We are confident and proud of our tradition of offering honest, professional and straightforward services. To hire the best immigration consultant, do your due diligence.

What are your working hours and where are you located?

Monday thru Saturday, from 9:30 to 5:30. Closed on Sunday and Statutory holidays. Our head office 8430-128 Street, Surrey, BC is located at the North East corner of 128 St and 84 Ave in the Khalsa Business Centre Plaza opposite Grand Taj Banquet Hall. Our neighbours include Arora Cloth House, Gold Key Insurance, Dhaliwal Sweets, Sona Chandi and Ishwar Jewellers.

Do I need to make an appointment to see the Immigration Consultant?

Though you can walk-in any time during the working hours but calling to arrange an appointment may save your time. We can accommodate special circumstances of clients to meet by appointment at hours and days beyond normal working schedule.


How much are your professional fee?

Our service fee depends on the complexity of each case and its circumstances. For many routine type of cases, our prices are fixed; they are very reasonable and are mediocre in the industry. There are professionals who may charge much more for the same services and some even may charge less. We do not guarantee visa or desired result of an immigration application since it depends on the government officials but we do guarantee our best services and accessibility as required.

What are the documents or information I should provide you?

The success of any application depends on the properly completed application and required evidentiary documents. It is the duty of the sponsor or the applicant to provide all the required documents and truthful information. We thoroughly check the necessary documents and may bother you to provide more and appropriate documents. It might feel as an irritant, but it is a necessary evil for your benefit only. Usually, we provide a list of all documents required, and we reserve the right to ask for more as deemed necessary. If you provide us with the original documents, we will return the originals back to you. The scanned documents can be provided to us by email at info@GGImmigraion.ca.  Please try to provide all documents in lesser emails with a proper subject, list of documents sent and your detailed particulars and identification etc.

How long will it take to process the application?

We pay special attention and diligence to your case, in collecting documents and preparing the application. Submission of a complete and perfect application is more important than rushing the application. We understand the essence of time, therefore we don’t need your push or frequent inquiries for a rush. When you trust us for a professional job, and then have the confidence in our process of working. Your best interest is our goal. The government’s processing time is usually listed on their websites but its not an iron clad to be followed or perceived. We follow thru the progress in a best possible systematic manner. The processing time may vary significantly; sometimes unnecessary and frequent follow up may further cause a delay. The reasonable option is being patient.

Who should I contact for follow up and how should I stay updated?

You can contact us at our office number 604-591-0303. In case we are busy with other clients, please leave your phone number, name and purpose of calling and other necessary details. You may also contact and message us at our email info@GGImmigration.ca. When there is a reported progress on your file, we will proactively update you at the given contact information, if you could not pick up the phone, we will leave a message for you. Please make sure your current and updated information is promptly provided to us in writing.

What is the fastest or the best way or various options for immigrating to Canada?

To justify the answers to such questions, we need detailed information, and make proper assessment, to provide you a meaningful and truthful advice. We recommend that you or your designate take time and avail our initial consultation for this purpose – as the saying goes, well begun is half done !

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