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Federal Skilled Worker


Skilled workers with foreign work experience, must score 67 out of 100 points in order to be eligible to apply [Age, Education (minimum post-secondary with ECA), Work Experience (at least one year full-time in the listed NOC skill type 0, levels A or B, within the last 10 years), Arranged employment (permanent full-time job offer with LMIA), Proficiency in official language (CLB 7+), and Adaptability (Settlement funds to support self and dependants for 6 months)]. The qualified applicant’s profile is entered into the Canada Express Entry system. The candidate who scores more than the minimum threshold Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) in the draw is issued Invitation to Apply (ITA) by IRCC to apply for permanent residence. Currently, the processing takes approximately 6 months after an ITA is received.


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