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Canada is the most multicultural country and is built by waves of immigrants. The government has reiterated its commitment and raised levels of immigration to Canada. Canada’s dual intent immigration system allows foreign nationals to enter Canada as visitors, students, or workers; while also seeking permanent resident status based on skilled work, business, or family ties. There are about 100 immigration pathways, and we help applicants find the best fitting category to suit applicant’s candidacy. We develop ethical, competent and efficient immigration strategies that help the foreign nationals or perspective immigrants meet the specific requirements of IRCC.

Permanent Residence (PR) : Permanent Residence (PR) – one of the most desired in the world, is the status given to immigrants who can lawfully live in Canada permanently, and upon meeting certain requirements can apply for citizenship. There are many ways to apply to secure permanent residency in Canada; the most common pathways being family class (spousal, children, parents and grandparents, and adoption), economic (Federal Skilled Workers, Federal Skilled Trades, Canadian Experience Class, Homecare, and some pilot programs), business (Self-Employed, Start-up Visa, Entrepreneurs / Investors), Provincial Nomination Programs, and Refugees. Permanent Residents can apply for Canadian citizenship upon meeting the requirements.

Economic Immigration

Economic immigration pathways capitalize on the skills, trades, work experience and human capital factors of new immigrants. It’s the most popular and fastest way that usually leads
to permanent residency.

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Business Immigration

Entrepreneurs, investors and business persons, who would like to do business, invest, create jobs and contribute to the economic development of Canada are eligible to
be granted permanent residency.

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Though Caregivers work temporarily
but this pathway may be eligible
for them and their dependents
to become permanent resident
in Canada after two years.

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Family Sponsorship

Certain relatives can be sponsored by Canadian citizens or permanent residents to become permanent residents in Canada. Family reunification is an important pillar of the Canadian Immigration system.

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Refugees and H&C

Canada has been one of the most compassionate countries to allow refugees, people needing protection and humanitarian and compassionate considerations to apply for
permanent residence.

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