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Intra-Company Transfer

A foreign business organisation with a parent company, subsidiary, branch, or affiliate in Canada may bring key personnel [executives, senior managers, functional managers, or employees with specialized knowledge] to work and live in Canada. One-year temporary but renewable Work Permit is provided in this category that may or may not need an LMIA; but the applicant needs a TRV depending on the country of citizenship. Other requirements include the transferees must have been employed full time with the foreign enterprise continuously for minimum one year out of the last 3 years, submit a business plan, and evidence that the company can financially support the start up and operational costs. Our expert team is delighted to help such clients in meeting the requirements and facilitating the process of applying for the visas, entries and permits.

Citizens of the Free Trade Agreements (FTA), General Agreement on Trade Services (GATS) and World Trade Organisation (WTO) countries may be eligible to apply under different Intra-company transferee provisions in addition to Canada’s domestic regime.


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