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Miscellaneous Services

Our expert professional team takes pride in dealing with all areas of immigration and citizenship in addition to all types of Immigration (Federal and Provincial), Studies and Work issues, including: Immigration Appeals (Admissibility, Refugee, Sponsorship, Residence, Removal Order, Detention); H&C Application; Refugees and Persons Needing Protection; Residency Obligation; Compliance; Citizenship; Procedural Fairness Letters; Inadmissibility; Refusal of TRV, TRP, and all types of visas, Sponsorships, Permits and Extensions; Biometrics; CLB; Landing and Settlement; Removal and Deportation Orders; Authorization to Return (ARC), Legal Submissions, and Communication with IRCC, CBSA and other authorities; Project Reports; etc. etc.  We guide, help gather documents, prepare submissions, submit the application and effectively follow-up any immigration or citizenship related case.


Every foreign nationals entering Canada as a temporary or permanent resident must not be inadmissible (criminal, medical, misrepresentation, organised crime, security, international rights, rehabilitation), and not barred for entering Canada. There are ways to overcome inadmissibility. We assist our clients in meeting the criteria for rehabilitation, or for being deemed rehabilitated to enable them to be allowed to enter Canada, and apply for Pardon, Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC), and Temporary Resident Permit (TRP).

Community Service:

We conduct free information sessions upon request from the media, public group of 25 or more people.

We conduct free online assessment for your chances to visit, stay or immigrate to Canada.

We take pro-bono immigration cases conditional to our workload.

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