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  1. Preliminary Assessment:We will ask you in-depth questions, review your goals, preferences and background, inform you of your options, and the chances of success. We do not suggest or condone illegal activities.
  2. Basic File Preparation:We make you aware of the information and documents required by IRCC, and prepare your application. We review your documents, apprise you of your deficiencies, and crosscheck against your application forms to ensure consistency and accuracy.
  3. File Perfection:We assist in reviewing the blind spots or additional information to submit to the Visa office to improve your case. We advise you in collecting evidence to improve qualify of your court case; like additional reference letters, company brochures, web-based research, and other evidence of your qualifications and merits.
  4. Submission letter:We will prepare a Submission Letter to IRCC with your application and documents, outlining the legal basis and highlighting the relevant sections of your documents, which prove your qualifications. Presenting your case convincingly to the Visa officer that you qualify, we can improve your chances of success, or even an interview waiver.
  5. Immigration Follow-Up:We’ll follow up with IRCC while your file is being processed. If they ask for more evidence or information, we help you determine the best response.
  6. Pursuing your File:If things seem to be delayed, or not proceeding as intended, we will order a search of your immigration file, and review the Immigration Officer’s notes using our authority under the Access to Information Act. In case of any problem, we prepare responses even before the Visa Officer asks for more evidence, speeding up the process.
  7. Interview Preparation:If you are called for a personal interview, we review any additional documents requested by the Visa Officer; evaluate and suggest improvements in your evidence that may help your case; orientation and overview of the interview process and expected questions for your preparation.
  8. Interview Follow Up:After the interview, the Visa Officer may favourably conclude; or require more information. We will follow up with the officer, and work with you to submit any further evidence if required.
  9. Medical Issues:If you or your dependents have a serious medical problem that may lead to the disqualification of the entire family or family member, we advise you the best course of action to deal with it.
  10. Inadmissibility:You or your dependents may have inadmissibility issues, even being suspected of certain activities that may disqualify you or may make you inadmissible. We review your situation and address it accordingly, and if need be apply for Rehabilitation, that may allow you to immigrate.
  11. Issuance of Visa:Once your visas / status have been issued, we ensure that the personal details are correct; and it is problem-free when you try to land in Canada, apprise you of the do’s and don’ts and offer practical advice.
  12. Tackle Refusal:God forbid, in case the Visa Officer decides to refuse your case, we can request a review of the decision by another Visa Officer, or the manager of the Visa Office; appeal your case with Immigration & Refugee Board (IRB), and assist you in hiring an immigration Lawyer to appeal your case in the Federal Court.


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