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Provincial Nominations


Provincial Nominee Class (PNC) is based on the intent and ability of an applicant to economically establish by joining the work force on a full-time basis in all provinces and territories except Quebec and Nunavut. The PNP allows foreign nationals in Canada on a temporary or open work permit, and students with PGWP (upon graduation, obtaining work experience and a job offer – among requirements), to apply for Permanent Residence (PR).

Over the last few years, the participating Provincial Nomination Programs (except Quebec and Nunavut) are gaining more popularity and success but still remain under-utilized and untapped by many otherwise eligible applicants around the world. Express Entry system managed PNP accounts for 50% of Canada’s immigration. Those Applicants without enough CRS score for Express Entry may indeed apply for PNP separately and concurrently.

After the province processes the PNP application (usually in 3-months), the applicant will be granted 600 points added to the Express Entry CRS score – a near guarantee for getting ITA for PR at the next draw, that usually occurs every two weeks.

The Provinces and Territories have set up their own requirements, occupations, selection and eligibility criteria, and application procedure for each Express Entry PNP stream. In most PNP pathways, the applicant is expected to have a job offer/LMIA; sufficient settlement funds; appropriate qualification, training and accreditation; language proficiency of CLB 4+ (depending on the NOC); and legal status in the country of residence etc.  For instance, the Strategic Projects Category of the BC PNP (Entrepreneur Category) allows up to five key staff of successful foreign corporations that have identified strategic investment opportunities for growth and expansion of their core businesses. Provincial nomination generally permits the applicant to submit an application for permanent residence at the federal level while they usually can work on a work permit.

Failed or unresolved refugees, or H&C claimants, or persons under removal order or illegal status in Canada, cannot apply. Care workers and seasonal workers are also restricted to apply. Generally in case of PNP refusal, two visa officers concur and appeal is not allowed.

PNP is like finding the right key for a lock; In other words, our knowledge, experience and guidance make a significant difference. Contact us for an effective processing of your application for any PNP pathway in Canada.

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