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Rural and Northern


This federal program is designed for 11 small and remote communities in Ontario, Western Canada and all Territories to attract and retain new immigrant workers. This is a community-driven program in which the participating communities take the lead in helping select the new immigrants with matching job vacancies and help in their settlement. For instance, the communities are given certain guidelines such as population base, distance from metropolitan areas, job opportunities, economic development plan, local economic development organisation to manage the pilot project, and the capacity to settle new immigrants etc. The requirements state that communities need to recommend the prospective immigrant who has a genuine permanent full-time job offer and intent to live in the community, language proficiency, post-secondary education, one year of work experience in the NOC occupation in the last 3 years except as self-employed or graduated from the community school, and sufficient settlement funds. Upon the recommendation by the community, the applicant applies for PR.

The communities offer lower-stress lifestyle, shorter commute, well-paying jobs for the right skills, affordable real estate, friendly neighbourhoods, access to nature, and good schools. For detailed information and guidelines contact us.

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