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Nina (Narinder) Grewal


Chair of the Board

Nina Grewal has been a 4-term Canadian Member of Parliament (2004-2015). She has been an active member of many parliamentary committees including Citizenship and Immigration, Foreign Affairs, and Human Rights. She served as the Vice-Chair of the Standing Committee on Status of Women. She introduced many important Bills and Motions in the House and the government has later implemented those ideas as their agenda. Nina and her husband Gurmant have been the first married couple to concurrently serve as MPs in Canada. As the founder and Chair of the Board, Mrs. Grewal would lead in accomplishing the mission and helping our clients fulfil their dreams.

Gurmant Grewal

RCIC, Ph.D. (HC), M.B.A, B.Sc. (Hons.)

President and CEO

With an impressive track record of achievement, Gurmant Grewal is widely recognized as a community leader and advocate. Since 1997, he has been known for his unique experience in helping thousands of people dealing with tough immigration and citizenship casework with the Ministry, Government Departments and Embassies. He has been a 3-term MP (1997-2006), Deputy Opposition House Leader, Co-Chair of the Joint Standing Committee of the House and Senate on Scrutiny of Regulations, and among other senior responsibilities, he was also member of many Parliamentary Standing Committees including, Immigration and Citizenship. He has introduced over 50 Bills and Motions in Canadian Parliament and also raised numerous issues regarding challenges faced by new immigrants including racism, recognition of foreign credentials, visitor visa reforms, removal of head tax on new immigrants. Stephen Harper called him the Ironman of Canadian Parliament. He was awarded Queens Golden and Diamond Jubilee medals for his services to Canada.

With his unique valuable experience, knowledge and track record, and as the founder and President, Gurmant Grewal is an RCIC approved by ICCRC, and a member of CAPIC.

Isha Sharma


Consular Manager

With her knowledge of the law and diligent style of working, Isha Sharma is a strong and active member of the team. She gathers and scrutinizes the relevant and sufficient information to prepare the submission of an application and follow thru various processes of processing till the result is satisfactory. Ms. Sharma manages the consular department in our company.

Ritu Sandhu

RCIC, Diploma in Computer Science

Immigration Consultant

Ritu Sandhu is an ICCRC approved RCIC, and she earned an Advanced Diploma in Computer Sciences with Honours in Canada. She has working experience in project and business management in corporate sector in Canada. Her passion for immigration guided her into practicing immigration law. Mrs. Sandhu excels in a solution-oriented consulting, advising, and managing the client cases.

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