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Study and Work

Canadian education institutions provide world-class education. While studying, students and their spouses are allowed to work. Based on completion of their studies and work experience, graduate students can apply for permanent residence. There are many pathways to obtain work permits to work and later apply for permanent residence in Canada.

International students should understand that in Canada, studying is easy but the hard part is staying. In 2019 there were approx 600,000 international students in Canada; and 330,000 new permanent residents included students, temporary work permit holders and refugees – these numbers do not add up for international students. Occasionally, poor advice (scams) cost students an exorbitant amount, applying for a school that may not qualify for PGWP, and in a province that has a non-flexible PNP option. We specialize in providing professional, diligent and ethical services.


Study Visa

Students need a study visa to enter Canada and pursue their studies for more than six months. Students graduating from DLI’s are eligible from PGWP leading to permanent residency. Canadian missions in foreign countries issue the visa and our office helps in facilitating it.

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Work Permits

Foreign nationals entering Canada to work, need a work permit though there are few exemptions. Most work permits require a positive Labour Market Impact Analysis (LMIA). Our office assist both employers and employees complying with the requirements.

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