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Super Visa

This program allows Parents and Grandparents to come to Canada on 10 years multiple entry tourist visa that is valid for 2 years stay before it has to be renewed. This is an ideal option for Canadian Citizens and Canadian Permanent Residents who are waiting to sponsor their parents for PR, or who currently do not qualify for Parental PR sponsorship.  The financial requirement for a Super Visa is less strict than PR sponsorship – the minimum necessary income (MNI) is 30% lower than that of PR sponsorship, and only 1 year of gross income must exceed the MNI vs. 3 years with PR Sponsorship. Other requirements are Canadian healthcare insurance of $100,000 coverage is required for at least 1 year; Complete a medical examination; and a written commitment of financial support from the Sponsor.  Depending on the country of citizenship, TRV is required which goes thru a rigorous process and may need professional help in preparing an application that we are proud to offer.



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