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TRV and eTA

(Visitor Visa)

Tourists, Temporary Foreign Workers, International students, Business Visitors require a TRV (Temporary Resident Visa) or eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) to enter Canada (except US citizens) depending on the country of residence. We assist in preparing a strong and effective application for TRV since the visa officer will make a decision solely based on the information provided in the application. They will not always request any additional information and unlike the USA, there will be no interview. After receiving a refusal, the individual has been flagged and any subsequent application must be as strong as possible in order to have any chance of approval.  We also assist clients with visa refusals (even multiple), extension of the TRV, work permits (individuals eligible to work without work permits), and inadmissibility issues (criminal, medical, misrepresentation, organised crime, security, international rights, rehabilitation), Temporary Resident Permits (TRP), and Authorization to Return (ARC) etc.