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Work Permits and LMIA

An authorization to work in Canada is called work permit.  There are many options, some require a job offer from an employer while others require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Foreign spouses or common-law partners (including the ones sponsored thru inland sponsorship category) of temporary foreign workers, foreign students are eligible to apply for an Open Work Permit, usually without requiring a LMIA. Graduating international students are eligible to apply for Open Work Permit under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program. International Experience Canada candidates under the Working Holidays category are also eligible to Open Work Permit. The processing for the foreign IT workers for high growth employers can be expedited (takes only two weeks) under the Global Talent Stream. We also assist in Bridging Open Work Permits for In-Canada applicants who would apply for permanent residence under FSW, FST, CEC and PNP categories. An LMIA or confirmed job offer is not needed for an Open Work Permit.


We help employers in hiring foreign workers, securing positive LMIA and Work Permits or exemptions depending on the country of residence.

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